BitMON: Live Monitoring of the BitTorrent Mainline DHT (MDHT)

BitMON is a tool for automatic monitoring of the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) introduced by the peer-to-peer (P2P) network BitTorrent. A DHT enables access to key-value-pairs, distributedly stored by a self-organizing P2P-network. Today, multiple different DHTs exist in the wild. The probably most widely used DHT is the BitTorrent Mainline DHT (MDHT), which is mainly formed by clients compatible to the mainline implementation line of BitTorrent.

BitMON is a monitoring tool that was initially developed at the Decentralized Systems and Network Services Research Group (DSN) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. BitMON monitors key metrics of the MDHT such as the number of concurrently participating peers, the average session times of the participating peers, and the peers' countries of origin. These measurements are running 24 hours a day since August 2010 and published live on this website. Please note that BitMON was designed as an academic research project and active development has seized in January 2015, so results might occasionally be delayed due to IT maintenance.

BitMON's main contributors were Konrad J√ľnemann, Philipp Andelfinger, and Daniel Hammann. BitMON was developed as a framework and can easily be extended by new kinds of measurements or analysis modules. BitMON's source code is available on request. Please contact the DSN Research group for further details.

More details about BitMON and its results can be found in the publications listed at the following place: